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July 21, 2024

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With the proper tools, any task can be easier to accomplish. A flange spreader is a device that can help repair pipes more simply and securely. The function of a flange spreading machine is that it opens or separates up flanges that can be used to join two tubes or to cover them. 

As time passes, flanges always start to rust, making maintenance on lines challenging. With spreaders for flanges, this problem can be solved. This tool can assist diverse industries in routine pipe maintenance and repair. However, there are three main types of companies where flange spreaders can be the most effective.

What is a flange spreader?

A flange separator sometimes called a spreader for flanges or a tool for flange alignment, is a specific device used within industrial environments to divide or spread Flanges. Flanges are typically found in piping systems that join pipes, valves, and other equipment.

A flange separator has been designed to efficiently and safely create gaps between flanges, allowing for repair, maintenance, or replacement of parts in the entire system. It is instrumental in cases where flanges have been tightly connected, which makes it difficult to segregate them by hand.

Typically, a flange separator consists of two or more wedge-shaped blades or jaws inserted between the flanges. These blades or jaws are then gradually expanded or driven apart using mechanical or hydraulic force, creating a controlled gap between the flanges. The opening allows inserting tools or equipment required for maintenance or repair tasks.

3 Industries Where A Flange Spreader Can Help

  • Plumbing Services

Plumbing might be the most frequently mentioned industry requiring flange spreaders. A Valve-Out Flange Spreader is an instrument designed explicitly for bolt holes. It is ideal for changing gaskets, so it’s often employed in the water service and plumbing industries. This flange spreader can make removing joints, valve discs, spools, and more safe and straightforward. 

One of the most frequent tasks for plumbers for which a spreader can be beneficial is valve replacement in tanks for water storage. Numerous manufacturing facilities, as well as other companies, use these tanks to store water or other liquids. Replacing valves within these tanks will be more protracted, expensive, and laborious without a flange spreader.

  • Oil and Gas

It’s not a guarantee. This includes gaskets fitted to pipes, such as pipelines for oil-over time; new gaskets must be put in. But it’s often a challenging job. For instance, if the gasket is located in an in-between pipe section, it takes a lot of work to switch it. This is where the flange spreader is functional. Flange spreaders make removing old gaskets from pipelines safe and straightforward; clean the joint and put in new gaskets.

  • Emergency Response

A surprising industry in which the use of flange spreaders is in tasks performed by emergency personnel and first responders. A lot of firefighters, police officers, and medical personnel will utilize the flange spreader to open damaged doors of cars and trunks, engine compartments, or engines quickly and safely way. When people refer to the jaws of life in reaction to an accident, it usually talks about using a spreader flange.